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The June-July 2014 Newsletter deals with adaptogens, which are defined as natural herbal products that help the body deal with stressors such as fatigue, anxiety, trauma, environmental stress, etc.  In the 1940s, Dr. Nkolai Lazarev defined adaptogens as agents that raised the body’s ability to resist stress by countering undesired stressors that could be physical, emotional, biological, or chemical.  Most adaptogens have been used for thousands of years and involve using the whole herb or a combinations of herbs.  Below are herbal products available at the Center which are adaptogenic.

Product Highlights:

GINST 15® is a Korean Panex Ginseng product of very high quality.  This product has its root harvested at 4 to 5 years and the unpeeled whole root is used in its manufacturing.  A non-steaming low heat extraction process is also used to preserve potency.  Most of our patients who have tried GINST 15® but were disappointed with other Ginseng products reported  more energy but with a sense of calm, clearer thinking and an improved tolerance to stress.

• LICORICE PLUS is used in patients with fatigue due to adrenal dyfunction and chronic stress.  Licorice Plus contains ashwagandha, licorice root, and Chinese yam root.  We have found this mixture of ingredients is almost miraculous in improving energy and a sense of calm in a short period of time.  It must be used carefully in patients with hypertension as licorice can cause sodium retention in sensitive individuals.

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a word to prospective patients

We know that selecting a new doctor is a big decision, and we thank you for inquiring about The Preventive Medicine Center of Gainesville, Inc. The Center was established in March 2000 by Dr. Robert A. Erickson in response to more and more Americans seeking complimentary and alternative therapies to traditional drug therapy alone, while at the same time wanting a trained medical doctor participating in their health care needs.

At the Center we take a nutritional approach to health and healing, rather than prescribing drugs whenever possible. This approach is integrated with the medications a patient is currently taking from other physicians. It has been our experience in some cases medications can eventually be reduced or even eliminated entirely if a patient so desires. The intent of this approach is to elevate one's health through nutrition and life-style changes, rather than just treatment of symptoms with a drug.

We realize this type of approach is not for everyone and does not apply to every health condition. We encourage you to explore this website to get a better idea of our approach to health and wellness.

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